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Bulk SMS Solutions:- Shyam Infotech
Online bulk SMS trend is growing in India. Online Bulk SMS is preferred to send by various sectors. You can surely increase your sales by SMS Marketing within very few days.
We provide Premium Bulk SMS Service on premium SMS Gateway. Our Bulk SMS gateway is the "Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India. We are connected with all major Indian Telecom Operators & Global Telecom Companies to provide you with the Reliable & Scalable Messaging Platform.
Our Bulk SMS software is consist of following features:
Bulk SMS Solutions
You can find the best SMS Package according to your requirement :
Package Qty Ultra High Priority 1 Year Validity
LPS 2000 2000 0.38
LPS 4000 4000 0.36
LPS 10,000 10000 0.35
LPS 25,000 25000 0.28
LPS 50,000 50000 0.27
LPS 100,000 100000 0.25